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Crystal Recipe | Friend / Friendship | Bracelet

Crystal Recipe | Friend / Friendship | Bracelet

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I love the special 'Recipe" Crystal Kits, each tuned to a different feeling, emotion or person. I like the idea you can wear them and keep them with you all the time. 

A special mix of crystals to support friendship. A dose of support, joy and warmth for friendships old and new … a reminder of the special space you hold.

AMETHYST | For shared rapport, intuitive understanding and balance, helping you feel grounded in your friendship.

LAPIS | stone of companionship and truth that strengthens and supports good strong friendships

LABRADORITE | like this stone friendships are unique and beautiful it supports deep and beautiful moments of understanding and joy

UNAKITE | supports a long and reciprocal relationship, beautiful moments of warmth, fun and support

BLUE LACE | promotes balanced communication with people who support and know the real you

EMERALD | rejuvenates adding ‘joie de vivre’ helps you find joy, alignment and happiness in your joint story

The bracelet is approximately 12 inches long and is adjustable

To wear pull the bead to the desired fit, the tie a single knot, and pull the bead down onto the knot ( this will secure it and also mean that you can remove it) To remove you slide the bead back up and undo the knot.


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    Materials + Sustainablity

    Handmade in Northamptonshire by Clemmie, with crystals, silk and Sterling silver.

    Made with natural irregular materials for for a little wabu-sabi imperfection. As its made with natural materials it may be very slightly different to the item pictured.

    Read about my Sustainable Mission here.

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    All packaging is fully recyclable and sustainable.


    I recommend treating your jewellery with care and avoid getting it wet. Keep pieces hung when not wearing them to avoid them getting tangled. If over time they need a little refresh you can send them to me for restringing here

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