A commitment to create modern crystal jewellery, made from beautiful natural materials in a sustainable and ethical way.My pieces are designed to evoke a little wabi-sabi, bohemian, artisan feel. By steering clear of plated metals, mass produced charms, and fashion trends you have a piece with longevity, wearable for more than just a season.Many designs are made from recycled natural materials, they will be available in very small batches making them unique and special, I love that at the the end of their life the materials can be repurposed or recycled into something new.


Designs will all be made in recyclable sterling silver and where possible eco silver from a UK manufacturer. Gemstones,Pearls, beads and Shells are from pre-loved vintage pieces or uk suppliers to save on the carbon emissions involved when importing small amounts.


As a small artisan maker I’m able to keep a tight rein on waste from my studio, especially because I only make designs in small batches. Cast pieces are made by a local company from my original wax carved designs, keeping emissions and waste to a minimum.

All my product packaging and notecards are paper and fully recyclable. Deliveries will be shipped in recycled cardboard boxes and using DPD's carbon-neutral service.

I also offer a polish and repair service, so you can keep wearing your piece forever even if you snag the chain or loose a earring hook.


I make my designs from repurposed materials or materials sourced sourced from UK gemstone/ bullion dealers. The repurposed ones come from vintage jewellery sourced from antique dealers and auctions, I love repurposing and giving new life to old gemstones.

All the components can be recycled again either in new jewellery or the silver melted down and recycled making each piece fully sustainable.

All jewellery is made by me, in my Northamptonshire studio. All charms and pendants are made by me too, nothing is mass produced in an unseen factory, I can honestly say there were fair working conditions for those in my employ (me), and that the finished pieces are ethically made.