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Tie On Crystal Bracelet | Calcite

Tie On Crystal Bracelet | Calcite

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Sometimes we all need a little something to strengthen us through different seasons of life …. thats why I created a rainbow of crystal tie-on bracelets you can keep close and with you always. 

I love the idea of wearing a combination of these as prescriptive good vibes against whatever is troubling you.


Available in the following stones …

Sapphire - Strength, Focus, Wisdom.
Aquamarine - Calm, Clarity, Courage.
Malachite - Transform, Protect, Manifest.
Emerald - Renewal, Prosperity, Healing.
Citrine - Abundance, Joy, Willpower.
Tigers Eye - Abundance , Power, Confidence.
Carnelian - Creativity, Passion, Ambition.
Calcite - Inspiration, Joy, Creativity.
Rhodochrosite - Intuition, Self Love, Harmony.
Ruby - Renewal, Passion , Courage.
Red Jasper - Truth, Stability, Action.
Garnet - Health Connection, Energy.
Amethyst - Tranquility, Growth, Stability.
Lepidolite - Transformation, Rest, Tranquillity.
Howlite - Patience, Concentration, Calm.
Moonstone - Growth, Sensitivity, Connection.
Obsidian - Protection, Honesty, Grounding.
Tourmaline - Cleansing, Strength, Happiness.
Dalmatian - Spontaneity, Joy, Positivity.
Crystal Quartz - Amplify, Energise, Restore.
Serpentine - Grounding, Grace, Harmony.
Pearl - Grow, Transform, Evolve.
Pyrite - Energy, Assertiveness, Focus.
Thurlite - Comfort, Positivity, Balance.
Turquoise - Wisdom, Balance, Purity.
Prehnite - Optimism, Focus, Alignment.
Blue Topaz - Creativity, Focus, Progress.

The bracelet is approximately 12 inches long and is adjustable

To wear pull the bead to the desired fit, the tie a single knot, and pull the bead down onto the knot ( this will secure it and also mean that you can remove it) To remove you slide the bead back up and undo the knot.

    Shipping + Returns


    Orders are usually dispatched within 2 working days

    (this can take longer during busy periods as I'm a one girl business, however I do my best to get orders with you as soon as possible)

    FREE Delivery - Royal Mail 2-4 working days

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    Materials + Sustainablity

    Handmade in Northamptonshire by Clemmie, with crystals, silk and Sterling silver.

    Made with natural irregular materials for for a little wabu-sabi imperfection. As its made with natural materials it may be very slightly different to the item pictured.

    Read about my Sustainable Mission here.

    Packaging + Wrapping

    Items arrive all ready to gift, no prices are included. You can add a message for the recipient as you check out and also add premium gift wrapping.

    All packaging is fully recyclable and sustainable.


    I recommend treating your jewellery with care and avoid getting it wet. Keep pieces hung when not wearing them to avoid them getting tangled. If over time they need a little refresh you can send them to me for restringing here

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