Collection: Thulite

THULITE | When you’re in a funk and know you really should go out for a walk, or say yes to dinner with your friends thulite is there. It nudges you to live life with more zeal, encourages you to involve yourself with others and is excellent for relieving boredom in your routine. It adds a heavy dose of joy, fulfilment and the willingness to ‘seize the day’

Meaningful Jewellery at ‘By Clemmie’

At ‘By Clemmie’ I love creating beautiful crystal jewellery with meaning. I use uniquely beautiful crystals from nature, sustainably handmade in Northamptonshire and thoughtfully packaged to delight the recipient.

I’m so proud to provide a fantastic range of jewellery - crystal charm necklaces, silver jewellery, one of a kind BonBon styles, crystal recipe pieces made to help with specific concerns, goals and people, crystals you can hold and stationary to give your gift the perfect finishing touch.

Gift Wrapping - Ready To Give

Take something off of your to do list by having your gift wrapped by me, so it arrives with them or you ready to gift. Gifts are wrapped in my exclusive crystal illustrated eco wrap with a rustic bow and hand lettered tag. The tag is hand written with the recipients name for a present that looks picture-perfect and is sure to delight.