A Shiny New Website

A Shiny New Website

Welcome to my new and improved place on the internet

I've been very quiet these first months of the year!

In the background I've been swapping my site over from Squarespace to Shopify! It wasn't in my plans for this year until my husband pointed out to me how determined you had to be to complete a sale on my old website. He was trying to find a star shaped necklace in Moonstone and found it tricky!  So it was time to migrate ..... but it isn't something I want to do in a hurry again as tech really isn't one of my strengths! 

The most exciting feature to my new site is a chat function which I love! It connects to my phone and really is me answering you, not a chat bot. It's feels really personal and hopefully will make it easier to shop with me. 
The other features are just enhanced everything and possibly don't affect what you see from the front end but make everything smoother and easier to navigate.
I hope you enjoy the new site!



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