BY CLEMMIE WON! Northamptonshire Muddy Awards!

BY CLEMMIE WON! Northamptonshire Muddy Awards!

Thank you, my amazing followers, for your unwavering support and for voting for me to win the Best Jeweller in Northamptonshire Award. I really appreciated you all coming out to vote for me and was THRILLED to actually win!

The Muddy Awards celebrates the best local businesses in different categories across various regions in the UK. It's the only award I've ever kept an eye on because I love the blogs focus on indie business ( through it i've found some amazing local places to enjoy )

Your love and encouragement mean the world to me, and I couldn't have done it without you. I have a ceremony next month ... I'll show you how it goes!


Again thank you so much for your votes, I promise to continue creating meaningful and unique pieces that will make you feel special and cherished.

Thank you again! 


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